Autism Discovery Paves Way for Early Blood Test and Therapeutic Options

Autism Discovery Paves Way for Early Blood Test and Therapeutic Options

Researchers have reported an important discovery in the understanding of autism which was published this week in Molecular Autism.

The study, found that individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) showed significantly decreased metabolism of the amino acid L-tryptophan when compared to both typical controls and individuals with other neurodevelopmental disorders.

"The important and immediate implication of this work is the development of a simple, early blood screening test for autism by measuring the metabolism of L-tryptophan using Biolog's technology," shared Dr. Boccuto.

Biolog's assay method, called Phenotype MicroArray technology, allows researchers to measure the ability of cells to generate energy from various biochemical nutrients, including L-tryptophan.

PUBLISHED ONLINE Jun. 06, 2013 Science Daily

SOURCE: Greenwood Genetic Center


Test sanguin précoce et les options thérapeutiques

Une nouvelle étude, révèle que les personnes souffrant de troubles du spectre autistique (TSA) présentent une diminution significative du métabolisme de l'acide aminé le L-tryptophane par rapport aux personnes au développement typique et à celles souffrant d'autres troubles neurologiques.

"L'implication importante et immédiate de ce travail est le développement d'un test sanguin, simple et rapide pour le dépistage de l'autisme en mesurant le métabolisme du L-tryptophane".