EEG Test for Autism at 2 Years Old

Computer Analysis of EEG Patterns Suggests a Potential Diagnostic Test for Autism at Two Years Old

Widely available EEG testing can distinguish children with autism from neurotypical children as early as age 2, finds a study from Boston Children's Hospital. The study is the largest, most rigorous study to date to investigate EEGs as a potential diagnostic tool for autism, and offers hope for an earlier, more definitive test.

PUBLISHED ONLINE June. 25, 2012 Science Daily

SOURCE: Children's Hospital Boston

Le EEG  un outil potentiel de diagnostic de l'autisme dès deux ans

Le EEG peut distinguer les enfants atteints d'autisme des enfants neurotypiques dès l'âge de 2 ans, d'après une étude réalisée à l'Hôpital pour enfants de Boston.